Providing a Well-Equipped Shooting Range for Rent

At Fischer's Outback LLC, we have the 10X Range & Training Center, which is a classroom and meeting space with a three-stall indoor shooting range. Taught by certified instructors, our classes range from carry classes to instructor classes. Courses from the following organizations are taught here:

Minnesota Department of Natural Resources Firearms Safety

US Concealed Carry Association Minnesota and Florida

National Rifle Association

The building is available to rent for meetings, small gatherings, and private classes. You can also rent range guns by the hour. Some activities you could do here are:

Pistol and Rifle League Shooting


4-H Shooting Sports,

Range Days

Shooting Leagues

.22 Longrifle Pistol League

This is a four-position, 40 round course. It is an individual league with classes for open and optical sights. There should be a minimum of at least three team members. Teams will be classified into three classes and will only compete with teams inside their class.

Centerfire (Big-Bore) Pistol League

This is a four-position, 40 round course. Jacketed bullets are not allowed and the cartridge limitation is a maximum of 1000 FPS. It is an individual league with classes for open and optical sights.

Combat Handgun League

This is an eight-session individual league. Call us for available times.

.22 Rifle Four Position, 40 Round League

This will be five-session individual league once it garners enough members. Contact us today if you are interested.

Bench Rest League for .22 L.R. Rifles and Handguns

This is a 10-session league with a 30-round course of fire. Only 25 minutes is allowed for shooting the 30 rounds plus any sight-in shots.

Youth League

We are offering a .22 handgun league for kids aged 11-18. The participants must have a Firearms Safety Certificate. The parent or guardian of those interested must attend the informational meeting and sign a release form for their child to participate.   

They will be taught the proper stance and grip. They will shoot from four positions: one-handed standing, two-handed standing, kneeling, and prone. Shooters will shoot 10rds in each position. This will be a five-session league and a three-person team event. The participants will also be taught the following:

Sight Alignment

Sight Picture


Trigger Control


Handgun Etiquette

Target Scoring